What Makes America Sweat? New Study Finds Many Suffer from Anxious Sweating

  • last year
This past winter, Degree Deodorant commissioned a study that surveyed thousands of people across the country on their experiences with sweat. The study explored a range of topics such as: unique and relatable moments that are likely to trigger sweat, what compromises people make due to sweating, and how people would live without limits if they could manage their sweat, and the results were astounding... Two thirds of Americans experience heavy or anxious sweat, three in four anxious sweaters anticipate feeling just as stressed in 2023, or it even getting worse, and four in five anxious sweaters admitted they have avoided doing something because they were worried about sweat and they would live their life differently if they could better control their sweat. To help deal with the issues Unlimited by Degree introduced a breakthrough, patented antiperspirant Smart Adapt technology, which creates a flexible microbarrier that responds to sweat from movement, heat and stress for ultimate odor + sweat protection (up to 96 hours.) It's available in two formats - an invisible solid antiperspirant deodorant and a dry spray - and five gender-neutral fragrances (Bold, Clean, Fresh, Marine, Neutral.) The Unlimited by Degree Dry Spray is the most effective dry spray ever as it's the only antiperspirant with Smart Adapt technology in the category; and their invisible solid antiperspirants offer superior sweat protection vs. the #1 clinical soft solid product in the category. Find out more at degreedeodorant.com or follow along on social @degree .