Xi Jinping scripts history; Begins unprecedented 3rd term as President | Explainer | Oneindia News

  • last year
In a development that was almost certain, Xi Jinping has been handed over the Presidency of China for the third consecutive term. And with this, he has become perhaps the most influential Chinese leader in the history…perhaps even overshadowing Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. He has now become China’s longest-serving head of state since 1949 after his 3rd appointment has been literally rubber-stamped. Along with being handed over the Presidency, he has also been re-appointed as chairman of the Central Military Commission, a post that makes him chief of the world’s biggest armed forces in terms of active personnel. So…what would this recent development mean? At a time when China is expanding its ambitions and is so vehemently looking to stamp its footprints in every corner of the world, what might Xi Jinping’s historic third term entail? What can be in store for the world as the battle for hegemony and supremacy between USA and China is on an unmatched level? In this video, we bring to you answers for these very questions. But before that, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Oneindia.