Did NCP Compromise Ideology To Join Power In Nagaland?| BJP| Sharad Pawar| NDPP| Assembly Elections

  • last year
"A rival’s rival is friend. But what happens when you befriend friend’s rival?
Confused right? Even NCP party workers too are confused these days. The party they fought against election after election, - now NCP has joined hands with the same party, although in a different state. Yes, I’m talking about NCP joining hands with BJP in Nagaland.
Sharad Pawar led NCP yesterday announced that it will give support to the NDPP and BJP govt in Nagaland. Effectively making Nagaland Assembly Oppositionless. All the parties who have won have declared support to the ruling coalition. This means Nagaland assembly will have no opposition.
What’s surprising is the Ruling coalition already had enough numbers to form the govt in the state, they needed no external support nor did they seek for one. But still many parties including NCP declared their support to the ruling coalition.
Well, the ripples of NCP’s actions in a state 3000 KM away, were evident in its home state Maharashtra as it sparked a debate on whether Sharad pawar is indicating something through this.

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