Uncomfortably Aware - Alex Dionisio

  • last year
I’m at peace but disappointed
You nibble on joints for pure enjoyment
Animal use will just destroy things
No thing is more insulting
To who? To me? To you? The planet is scorching
Follow me now
I thought this place would be crushed by us, but it will crush us
As for living on other planets, that will not happen
We are too damn stupid, and we mismanage
Distracted by this nasty and slaves to pointless practice
It’s one thing to be taught wrong
Another to never have a profound thought at all for long enough or in the long haul
Let me be clear
Stop eating animal products and then only eat plants in their whole form
Plants only
Eat only plants and plants only
I’m getting damn lonely in this planet of damn phonies
This imbecilic culture is nothing
No arrogance, but if you cared about anything
The globe would probably shift from you carrying it, get it?
Destruction of life anywhere’s destruction of life everywhere
Peace and love, and with that there I’m outta here