3 months ago

Pennsylvania mom learns that riding a hoverboard isn't as easy as throwing a frisbee

The concept of beginner's luck is thrown out of the window once a newbie gets on a hoverboard, and this video is a prime example of it.

Watch as Angie Singo hops on a hands-free scooter and gives it her all to hold her own, which doesn't end up being one of her finest decisions.

She struggles really hard with maintaining her balance and ultimately becomes the victim of a ground-shaking, back-first fall.

"My mom had never tried a hoverboard before and she thought she could do it... she was wrong," the filmer, Jennifer DeVine shared with WooGlobe.

Guess that day isn't too far away when people will be getting on hoverboards just to test the durability of their floors.
Location: Stoystown, PA, USA

WooGlobe Ref : WGA862706
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