NO WAY: Sleepwalking 9 y/o girl having a totally normal convo with parents

  • last year
Sleepwalking and talking coherently at the same time - sounds like a made-up thing, right? Well, it's not, and this video proves it!

Watch as a nine-year-old girl is caught by her parents mid-sleepwalk as she fills her cup of water with ice... lots of ice... and more ice!

At the same time, she's having a full-on convo with her parents. What's surprising is that she's completely asleep while doing so, as proven later in the footage.

"My daughter is super coherent when she sleepwalks," the filmer, Destiny Witt told WooGlobe. "Before she got water, she was just standing staring at the pitch-black shelves in the dark. She can communicate with us like normal during her episodes."

It's both amazing and side-splittingly funny. A must-watch moment, we might add!

Location: Burleson, TX, USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA275194
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