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Quick Recipe | Truffles | Chef Mahnoor Malik | Food Court


Cookies 4 cups
Cream cheese 2 cups
Cake, cupcake or tea cake 3 cups
Semi-sweet white chocolate coarsely chopped 340 gm
Vegetable oil or coconut oil ½ tsp

Optional For Garnish
sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, additional melted Chocolate
Make The Oreo Truffle Filling: Place The Oreos (The Entire Cookies, Filling And Cookie) And Cake In A Food Processor Or Blender. Pulse Into A Fine Crumb.
Using A Hand-Held Or Stand Mixer Fitted With A Paddle Attachment (Or Just Continue Using The Food Processor If It’s Large Enough), Beat/Pulse The Oreo Crumbs With The Softened Cream Cheese Until Combined.
Using A Tablespoon, Scoop Out A Spoonful Of The Mixture (About 18–22g Each) And, Using Your Hands, Roll Into A Ball. Place Balls On Baking Sheets Or Plates Lined With Parchment Paper. If The Mixture Is Too Sticky, Refrigerate For 15 Minutes Before Rolling Into Balls. Cover And Refrigerate The Balls For At Least 1 Hour And Up To 3 Days. If You’re In A Rush, Cover And Freeze The Balls For 30 Minutes. (Do Not Freeze Much Longer Than That, Unless You Transfer Them To The Refrigerator After 30 Minutes.)
Melt The Chocolate: Place Chopped Chocolate In A Glass Bowl Or A 2-Cup Liquid Measuring Cup—Its Depth Makes Dipping Really Easy. Melt In 20-Second Increments In The Microwave, Stirring After Each Increment, Until Completely Melted And Smooth. You Can Also Melt The Chocolate Using A Double Boiler, Or A Heatproof Bowl Placed Over A Pot Of Simmering Water. Stir Constantly Until Melted. Let The Warm Chocolate Sit For 5 Minutes To Slightly Cool Before Dipping, Otherwise It Will Melt The Shaped Oreo Balls.
Coat The Oreo Balls: Working With One Oreo Ball At A Time, Submerge Into The Melted Chocolate And Swirl To Coat;
Carefully Lift Out Using A Fork Or Dipping Tool. Tap The Fork/Tool Gently On The Side Of The Bowl/Measuring Cup To Let Excess Chocolate Drip Off. Use A Toothpick To Help Slide The Truffle Off Of The Fork And Onto A Lined Plate Or Baking Sheet; Or, If Using The Candy Dipping Tool, Turn Upside Down To Release.
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