American tourist tried British staples and rates Greggs sausage a 9.8 out of 10 and says fish and chips are "sensational"

  • last year
An American tourist who had never tried British food before was left in disbelief after trying a Greggs sausage roll - giving it a 9.8/10.

David Turek, 26, has documented himself eating the classic British food for the first time and his reaction to the savoury pastry snack is priceless.

A video shows David taking the meat-filled pastry out from the classic paper bag and his eyes lighting up as he takes a bite.

"Holy s***!" he says, as he shakes his head in disbelief, before adding "9.8 out of 10, that's f***ing lovely".

David, who is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, recorded videos of himself also trying a bacon butty, fish & chips and crumpets, to the delight of British people online.

Many reacted to his videos said they wish they could re-live the moment they tried these dishes for the first time.