Dump Truck Knocks Down Stoplight
  • last year
Occurred on January 30, 2023 / Carrollton, Texas, USA

: "My boyfriend and I were just driving home from grocery shopping Monday evening. That day, we were preparing to be iced in for the next couple of days. We knew to drive slow as ice was already starting to form on the streets. When we came up to the stop light, we didn't notice at first, but a dump truck had its dump bed lifted up in the air and while driving underneath the underpass, it hit the stop light and caused it to crash down. Thankfully, the electrical pole did not break and the stop light was still suspended in the air, but the electrical lines were now on the ground. The dump truck stopped immediately, lowered its dump bed down, and pulled off to the side. No one was injured. My boyfriend and I did not have any damage to the truck, thankfully, and were able to back up and drive around where the electric wires were. This was all captured with our dash cam."