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Officials urge evacuation near the Ohio train derailment, fearing an explosion

Emergency services are evacuating residents after a train carrying hazardous material derailed and caught fire amid fears an explosion could send sharpnel flying over a mile and create a toxic cloud.

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, USA, have been ordered to evacuate after the train, made up of more than 100 cars - 20 classified as carrying hazardous materials - left the tracks.

The incident occurred on February 3rd and has been burning now for three days.

Local fire chief Keith Drabick said: “We need to get everybody who remained within that mile radius - or decided they needed to come back within that mile radius - we need you to leave now.

“This catastrophic failure, if it occurs, it will produce hydrogen chloride and phosgene gas into the atmosphere."

Local authorities have issued evacuation orders for the whole town of around 5,000 people.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has enlisted the help of the Ohio National Guard as residents are urged to leave and anyone entering the area is subject to arrest.

The local environment agency is monitoring the air quality and the toxicity levels in the town's drinking water.

The footage was captured on February 4.

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