2 months ago

Semi truck loses control in icy conditions and careers into oncoming traffic narrowly avoiding a collision

A US highway patrolman's dashcam captured the moment a semi-truck skidded out of control and crashed into a barrier, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

Footage shows the heavy goods vehicle losing control and swerving across one lane before veering into the grass median and approaching oncoming traffic.

The Highway Patrol in Oklahoma released video from Trooper Adam Wood’s vehicle.

The incident happened on Interstate 40, about a mile east of Vian in Sequoyah County, at around 9:45 am.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said: "This could have been so much worse!

"The semi driver was ticketed for traveling at a speed not reasonable and proper for the road conditions.

"He lost control on the slick bridge but luckily was not injured.

"The cable barrier did its job and probably saved some lives today.

"The posted speed limit is the limit for ideal conditions, not slick and hazardous."

The footage was captured on February 2.

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