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The Boys Season 4 Trailer 2023- Marvel and Disney Plus Easter Eggs and Jokes Breakdown

Covering The Boys Season 4 Teaser Trailer. Marvel Disney Plus and Kevin Feige Jokes. Homelander and Ryan Explained. Superman vs Superboy comparison. Ryan vs Homelander, Battle for the White House, Victoria Neumann, Butcher and The Boys. And The Boys Season 5 Teaser.

The Boys Gen V Trailer. The Boys Season 4 Crossover Explained. Homelander, The Seven and Vought College for Superheroes. Marvel X-Men Easter Eggs and References. The show is designed to be more like X-Men with the school for super-powered compound v children. Fighting each other for a place on the seven team. Justice League and DC Movies References.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 Finale Afermath. The Instant White Hot Wild and how Gen V connects with Season 4 Episodes. Soldier Boy and Homelander Ending Explained. Ryan and Homelander Ending Explained. Why Ryan Starts to Become Evil. How Stan Edgar, Vought and Vogelbaum used Soldier Boy to create Homelander. Homelander Plans For Maeve and a New Superboy Child. I'll do more The Boys Season 4 Trailer and Season 4 videos when we start getting more footage!

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