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David Beckham shares touching video message for 102-year-old superfan

Big-hearted David Beckham made the dreams come true of his oldest fan by sending her a touching video message to her at her care home.

The ex-England football star, 47, stunned Mona Hurry, aged 102, by recording a personal message thanking her for supporting his sporting career.

WW2 code-breaker Mona Hurry lives with a life-size cardboard cutout of the star in her bedroom at Castor Lodge Care home, Peterborough, Cambs.

She has followed him for his entire career- and on Wednesday (Jan 25) he got in touch to say thank you.

The care home held a David Beckham appreciation party for her on Tuesday (Jan 24) complete with football cupcakes and Beckham masks.

Afterwards Mona got the surprise of her life with a dedicated thank you message from the man himself.

In the video, Beckham said: "Hey Mona- I just wanted to send you a message because everybody at Castor Lodge, all of the staff and of course your daughters have said what an incredible lady you are.

"I also want to say a personal thank you because I know you've followed my career, my whole career, and I know you're a huge football fan.

"So I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support over the years. I'm sending lots of love for being an incredible person."

Mona was so shocked by the video, she didn't believe it was real.

In a video filming her reaction, she said: "Is that- who is that? Did he send that to me? Really?"

She then immediately wanted to watch it again.

She said: "He's normal, he's natural. He doesn't have any airs and graces; he's just himself.

"He never pushes forward.

"Like what happened when he went to see the Queen - people made a way for him to go ahead and he said 'No, that's your place, you got here first'.

"That's the sort of person he is."

It was all arranged by the Castor Lodge Care Home's 'Make a Wish' initiative.

Mona's daughters were amazed by the day.

Her daughter Maureen said: "It is years since I have seen my mother with such a smile on her face.

"Who knew a cut-out David Beckham was all it needed?! Thank you for doing this for her.”

Daughter Victoria said: "Absolutely amazing - my mother looks so animated and is smiling.

"Thank you all at Castor for your thoughtfulness and making my mother a day to remember.”

Laura Mills, a manager at the home, helped to arrange the party and video message.

She said: "Mona adores David Beckham and loves to talk about him. She always says what a special, lovely and charitable man he is.

"Bearing in mind he's a very busy man, he sent that message just after he landed in the states on Wednesday.

"Mona is an incredibly sweet and kind lady herself, who always reaches out to everybody in the home to ask how they are.

"Growing up, Mona served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during the Second World War.

"She operated as a code breaker to intercept and crack the secrets of German wartime communication, playing a crucial role in Allied victory."

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