2 months ago

Being 'Plastic' & 'Fake' Makes Us Feel Alive | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

WHEN OTHERS choose green smoothies as a self-care treat, best friends Skittles, Eden and Pamela like to get 'pumped, plumped and frozen'. A typical day for the Dolls of Los Angeles consists of shopping on Sunset Boulevard, getting matching botox at their favourite plastic surgeon, and then splurging on curated photoshoots and celebrity stylists - just for Instagram aesthetics. However, with great icon status comes great responsibility - being a Doll in the City of Angels doesn't always look so glamorous. The hateful comments and the need to maintain their looks with cosmetic enhancements can feel relentless. The Dolls told Truly: "Surgery is very selective for a select group of people that can handle the criticism that comes with it. And I think we're the perfect three."

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