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Mom-to-be in tears after boyfriend of 5 years proposes to her during baby shower

Annia Leija couldn't help but turn on the waterworks when her partner of five years proposed to her during her baby shower.

"We've been together since 8th grade (7/5/17); we have been through everything together and graduated together as well," the mom-to-be revealed to WooGlobe. "I found out I was pregnant after we graduated. My father passed away in September 2022 and he’d been the best to me during my pregnancy journey."

Seeing Christian on one knee makes Annia dissolve into tears. While a major reason behind her emotional state was that she had been eagerly waiting to get proposed to, she was also missing her dad on that day very much.

"I know my dad would’ve been happy that it’s him that I’m marrying," she added.

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