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Shin-Chan Hindi Movie : Villain Aur Dulhan | Shin-chan : Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride | ShinChan Movie in Hindi | Shinchan Movie Villain And Dulhan in Hindi Dubbed


In the future, a grown-up Shin-chan is turned to stone by his to-be fiancé (Tamiko Kaneari)'s father. Distressed by Shin-chan's fate, she travels to the past via a time machine in order to get 5-year old Shin-chan to help her save his adult self. In the present, Shin-chan & his friends (Kazama, Nene, Masao and Bo) are discussing their ambition, Tamiko arrives and takes them to the future.

Once their, they get separated from Tamiko and seek refuge at Shin-chan's old house. There, they meet an older Hiroshi (who has gone bald) and Misae (affected with Metabolic Syndrome). Despite their changed appearance, they still maintain their kind nature. They explain to young Shin-chan and his friends that the crashing of a huge meteorite ceased sunlight to reach the Earth as Kaneari (Tamako's father) and his company took over Japan.

The next "morning", Shin-chan and his friends head out to locate Tamiko and along the way, they encounter the adult versions of Masao and Nene, who are far more rougher and fiercer but still maintain a kind heart. Meanwhile, Kaneari confronts his daughter and forces her to marry adult Kazama (a successful Businessman) in order to maintain his image and get a huge amount of money from Kazama's company.

As the wedding takes place, Shin-chan is deeply angered and accuses Tamiko of betraying him. Determined to save adult Shin-chan, Tamiko escapes the wedding as Kazama refuses to marry Tamiko. Adult Bo-chan suddenly arrives and reveals himself to be a scientist. The young and adult Kasukabe Defense Force (alongside old Hiroshi & Misae) aid Tamiko in her endeavors as the general public turns against Kaneari. Angered by all of this, Kaneari takes control of a super-sized robot and attempts to destroy the stoned adult Shin-chan.

Bo brings his own robot, titled "Tetsujin Bo-chan No. 28" along with adult Himawari (now member of the Police). In the middle of all the chaos, Tamiko and Shin-chan go to rescue adult Shin-chan. Something which they succeed in only after great effort. As adult Shin-chan is restored to his original state, sunlight falls once again in Japan as Shin-chan discovers that his adult version hasn't changed much.

As Shin-chan and his friends return to the present, Shin-chan is relieved to see his parents in their original state.

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