10 months ago

Woman shows that figure skating isn't all sparkly dresses and stunning moves *Ice Fail*

Cool moves and jumps are impressive and all, but the real talent of an accomplished figure skater lies in their ability to make it all look so easy.

This video pulls the curtain on the hoops and setbacks a skater has to go through to master their craft.

"I am a figure skater, which sounds glamorous but essentially means - throwing my body on a sheet of freezing-cold ice for a few hours with the aim of perfecting a new jump or skill," the subject of this clip, Ophelia Sperryn shared with WooGlobe."

She added that although the sparkly dresses and beautiful moves look elegant and graceful, the reality of practicing on ice is far from that.
Location: Cambridge, the UK
WooGlobe Ref : WGA805942
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