4 Songs that Kickstarted My Entire Piano Interest (Kurzweil SP7 Grand)

  • last year
Hey guys, here are 4 Songs that Kickstarted My Entire Interest in playing the Piano (Kurzweil SP7 Grand) Take a guess of their song names in the Comment Section.

I won't give you the names but I'll tell you a little back story about every single one of them.

The first song I played when I was 11. I couldn't read notes properly due to bad eye sight but I didn't dare to tell my parents that I'm short sighted. So I learnt this song like a blind mouse and performed it at school. It's from Disney.

Second song was one of my favorite Japanese song when I was a teenager. I loved Japanese culture and even learnt Japanese language, I still do now. I performed it at the very first Concert Just For You by @pianoforteschool . The video is on my YouTube.

The Taiwanese craze came around the same time as above. I loved Jay Chou starting from his song "Roof". I learnt this song by ear so I could show off to my good friend @joetubepiano8143 . But he's still better.

Last song is Korean. K-Drama became the new craze so was Kpop! I totally got sucked into it. I still remember the days when K-Drama and J-Drama was all about sadness, sickness, separation and death, and going to heaven through a staircase. This Drama was the first that was fun and happy.

Stay til the end of the video to check out my original versions of the songs above.

For the Piano sound, I've used the Flagship German 9" Concert Grand Piano in the @KurzweilMusicSystems- SP7 Grand Stage Piano (One of my favorite Digital Stage Piano)

Thank you so much @perfectpitch and @findpianomalaysia6607

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