Amy Robach's '20/20' Co-Anchor David Muir And Others At ABC Allegedly Have Strong Feelings About 'GMA3' Brouhaha With T.J. Holmes

  • last year
Viewers of "GMA3: What You Need to Know," as well as everyone who has been following the brouhaha surrounding Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, are still awaiting a decision from ABC News regarding the co-hosts’ futures on the show. After the two were photographed together on several occasions, rumors swirled that the colleagues had been involved in extramarital affairs, despite each separating from their spouses back in August. As more information came out, "CBS Mornings’" Gayle King called the situation “sloppy,” and apparently the folks at ABC also have strong feelings, including Robach’s "20/20" co-anchor David Muir.

Amy Robach joined David Muir as a co-anchor for the longtime news program in 2018, and her colleague is allegedly one of several ABC employees who are not happy about the kind of attention she and T.J. Holmes have brought to the network. Muir apparently “wants no part” in the drama, a source told Page Six.