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'The easiest decision I've ever made' - Girl gets taken aback in awe when boyfriend proposes to her after winning a game

Winning a soccer game and then surprising his partner with a wedding proposal (and getting a YES!)... June 18, 2022, was a day packed with memorable moments for Avedis Atanalian.

Upon scoring the match-winning goal, Avedis took off his shirt to reveal that he was wearing another tee that read, "Marry Me!"

The camera then panned to his lady love, Anna Zeitountsian, who was watching the game from the first row. She gets taken aback by her partner's surprise but doesn't take too much time in saying "YES!"

The whole ground then turns into a celebration zone with all the players lifting Avedis over their shoulders and treating him as if he had just won them the World Cup!

"After six years of love and relationship, this was the easiest decision I've made in my life," Anna shared.

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
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