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Honda HR-V vs Nissan Kicks vs Toyota Corolla Cross: Gas vs hybrid Big Test | Top Gear Philippines

Top Gear Philippines
Top Gear Philippines
We know you guys are crazy about crossovers these days, so for this Big Test, that’s what we’re serving up—with a twist. The theme of this video? Past versus present versus future.

Representing good old internal combustion and forced induction is the 2022 Honda HR-V V Turbo, which marries turbo thrills with an extremely sleek exterior and a well-curated selection of features. Waving the banner for tried-and-tested hybrid technology is the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross GR-S Hybrid, which also comes fully loaded with safety kit and driver aids—but at a premium that would still take a while to offset with fuel savings. And finally, leading the way to the future is the 2022 Nissan Kicks VL, which features a more novel form (at least in our market) of hybrid electrification and easily beats its rivals in terms of pricing.

Anton, Leandre, and Niky put these three crossovers in a series of eight tests to determine which offers the best package. Click play on the video above to see which one takes the win.

0:00 Intro
1:20 Test 1 – 0-80kph acceleration test
2:30 Test 2 – 80-0kph braking test
4:00 Test 3 – Interior (backseat) space
9:55 Test 4 – Cargo space
14:50 Test 5 – Fuel economy
17:30 Tests 6 and 7 – Safety and infotainment features
20:37 Test 8 – Prices and value for money
22:55 Final points tally
27:00 Conclusion

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