Inside the Mansions of Qatar World Cup 2022 Stars- Mbappe Neymar Messi

11 months ago
Everyone is talking about the Qatar world cup nowadays. It’s all set to be a stunning display of athleticism, egos, and the future legends looking to carve their names in stone with right legs that can fire footballs at incredible speeds. That’s what the game is all about.

Lionel Messi just might be the single greatest football player of all time. Pretty much any conversation about who is the GOAT of football includes Messi’s name alongside the greatest player names in football history. Though nowadays, his name is at the front of the line most of the time. He’s also got an incredible home too. One that might be just as much fun for his family than it is for him.

Obviously we’ve also gotta talk about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is absolutely one of the most famous players to hit the pitch nowadays, sometimes for better and for worse. He has made a huge fortune through his legendary time as a pro athlete. Well he’s got legendary houses to go with it. Most notably he’s got a vacation home that would make any superstar jealous. In fact, the neighborhood is full of other superstars such as athletes who may actually be more impressive than he is.

Then there are younger stars like Neymar or Kylian Mbappé who have incredibly cool homes of their own, even if their mansions or their bank accounts aren’t quite as impressive.

So which superstar from the Qatar world cup has the nicest house? Only one way to find out!