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  • 2 years ago
In this video, we will discuss How to Complete DailyMotion 1K Views to Get Monetize Your Channel. Moreover, we will discuss RDP use, which Google chrome browser is suitable for this method, C cleaner to clean history after views, how to generate chrome users in one click, and how to run browsers from .bat files.
Now, You can earn money at home by uploading videos on DailyMotion, and it's a really easy way to online earning at home and make money easily.

The main points we will cover in this video:
1. RDP – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB RAM
2. 16GB (50 Browser), 32GB (100 Browsers), 64GB (200 Browsers)
3. Chrome (64bit) (Version: v103.0.5060.114)
4. C Cleaner
5. Chrome Profile Generator
6. .Bat Files
7. DailyMotion Video(s)
8. Extension (Looper)

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