Pro woman creates adorable-looking Hello Kitty marshmallow pop for her daughter

  • 2 years ago
This clip is by an artistic mom, Maria Gomez, whose daughter craved a Sanrio treat.
To fulfill her wish, Maria tries a creative and challenging way to make Hello Kitty pop.
While processing, she uses a marshmallow, cuts it into two parts, and fixes them to a stick in a way that makes Hello Kitty's body. After that, she uses two other tiny pieces of marshmallow and gives the kitty its shoulders and ears.
She then applies red liquefied chocolate to the kitty's lower body.
In the next step, she uses some more chucks of marshmallows and gives the kitty its feet and hands.
Following that, she dips its head and ears, except its face, into red chocolate.
With the previous step, she turned the whole kitty's body into a red jacket.
And then, with the help of cream, she creates a scarf around its neck.
Last but not least, she gives it its facial features.
"I created a Hello Kitty pop for my daughter, who loves Sanrio," said Maria.
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA574812
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