3 months ago

Man breaks wall with hammer to rescue cat that had been stuck in there for 2 DAYS!

Sometimes, tough decisions need to be taken to ensure the safety of a loved one, and Ford & Christa Duff had to make one such decision to save their kitty, Sushi.

This engaging video shows Ford repeatedly hammering a wall in his house in order to create holes in it. He keeps doing so until he gets Sushi out of there safe and sound.

Actually, the kitty had somehow found his way into the wall and had been stuck there for two days before his owners realized it.

"Our Sushi had been missing for two days; he’s an indoor cat but always tries to escape," the filmer explained to WooGlobe. "I thought we had lost him forever. But then, we heard a tiny sound and went looking again through the house; that was when we found him in the wall."
Location: Napanee, Canada
WooGlobe Ref : WGA486953
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