William Branham and FLDS - William Draves

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William Draves is the founder of "The Church of Christ with the Elijah Message", a splinter group of the Latter Day Saints headquartered in Independence, Missouri. Draves claimed to have been visited by the Biblical John the Baptist, who allegedly gave Draves a series of instructions, or the "Message". This led to a division in the Church of Christ devoted to the teachings of Otto Fetting, and in 1943.

On October 4, 1941, Draves claimed to have been visited by "the messenger of the Lord" at 3:20 A.M. This "messenger" allegedly gave Draves a series of instructions for the church, some of which detailed the leadership in the church. In the transcript provided by Draves, several members of the church were appointed to be evangelists, elders, teachers, and more. One of the members of the church happened to be named "William Branham".

In 1951, William Branham claimed that Draves' alleged visitation was found in "the Mormon Word Of God". According to Branham, a member of Draves' splinter group met him and informed him of Draves' prophecy. Branham claimed that the prophecy about him was "Thus Saith the Lord", and insinuated that he was the "William Branham" described in the prophecy.

Branham then linked Draves' angelic "messenger" to his own "Prophecy of the Isms", claiming that Draves had also predicted the rise of Nazism through Germany.

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