Bigg Boss 16 ; Sumbul ने थाली पीट-पीटकर किया Shalin Tina की नाक में दम; खुश हुए Shiv |FilmiBeat

  • last year
Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul irritated to Tina & Shalin in her last day of Captaincy. What did Shalin say to Tina for Sumbul? Shalin was seen again with Tina. what did Shiv do? In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16 we will see Sumbul's next move on Tina Shalin. Shalin talks to Tina on Sumbul. Shiv gives this advise to Shalin on Sumbul. Shiv Thakare is supporting Sumbul. Audience is loving Sumbul Shiv Bond. Watch video to know more. Watch video to know more.

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