Simple Tips for a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

  • last year
The items that make the holiday season the most magical, beautiful, and inviting for children may be some of the most dangerous. For starters, keep all holiday décor at a safe distance and be mindful of the batteries they contain. Many holiday décor items such as flameless candles, string lights, LED ornaments, and light-up necklaces may include lithium coin batteries, which can pose a risk to small children. If swallowed, lithium coin batteries can burn through the surrounding tissue in as little as two hours, causing severe harm. Duracell's 20mm lithium coin batteries (2032, 2025, and 2016 sizes) have a non-toxic bitter coating to help deter children from putting them in their mouths, so just the simple act of swapping out your batteries can serve as an additional line of defense to help keep children safe. Duracell is on a mission to help families #HolidaySafely, by encouraging them to locate the décor in their homes powered by lithium coin batteries and to swap them out for batteries with a bitter coating. To learn more about helping to keep your little ones safer, visit and follow the hashtag #HolidaySafely. Another safe measure, avoid flame-lit candles and opt for the artificial type instead. They look just as good and help minimize fire hazards near decorations and trees. As an added safety measure, seal the battery compartment with tape to help prevent children from accessing the batteries inside. Speaking of that tree--make sure it's at least three feet away from heat, such as ducts and fireplaces, and well-watered. Check the levels daily to ensure it's filled, opt for LED lights versus incandescent, and turn them off every night before bed. I f you have a fireplace, make sure the chimney is cleaned out before you use it, and be careful of hanging stockings. Ensure they are at a safe distance away from any sparks or flames. Just a few simple tips can make all the difference for a happy and safe holiday season.