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Chocolate Naan & Desi Qeema Naan | Chef Saad Ahmed | Food Court

A quick recipe for all those love to cook for themselves and for the families.

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Chocolate Naan

• For dough:
• All Purpose Flour 500gms
• Sugar 1tbs
• Water 250ml/ 1cup (Total)
• Yeast 7gms / 0.75tsp
• Salt 2tsp
• Clarified butter 2tbs
• Yoghurt 100ml / 1/2cup
• Chocolate spread as required
• Egg for wash

Apply chocolate on the flatten dough. Make it a ball and with the help of finger tips spread out evenly like nan shape then egg wash and bake it.


Desi Qeema Naan


• Mince 1kg
• Onion chopped 1medium
• Garlic chopped 8 cloves
• Green Coriander chopped 40gms
• Green Chilies chopped 4
• Salt 1.25tsp
• Red Chili Powder 2tsp
• Cumin seeds 2tbs
• Coriander Seeds 2tbs
• All spices 1/2tsp
• Clarified butter 1tbs

For Dough:
• Flour 500 gm
• Sugar 1tbs
• Water 250 ml
• Yeast 7gms
• Salt 2tsp
• Clarified butter 2tbs
• Yoghurt 100ml
• Egg for wash

Method :
Prepare dough and spread it in nan shape. Add in Qeema mixture and make a ball and spread out evenly then make holes with the help of your finger tips. Bake it on the wire rack apply egg wash after 5 mins
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