2 months ago

Meta to verify user age on Facebook Dating by using AI face scanning

Deccan Herald
Deccan Herald
Social media giant Facebook is experimenting with methods, such as using an AI face scanner, to allow users of the platform's dating service to verify their age.

Facebook parent company Meta in a recent blog post said that it would start prompting users on Facebook Dating to verify that they're over 18 if the platform suspects a user is underage. Users can then verify their age by sharing a selfie video that Facebook shares with a third-party business or by uploading a copy of their ID.

Meta will use Yoti's tech to check for facial cues to determine a user's age without identifying them.

Meta says the new age verification systems will help stop children from accessing features meant for adults.

It doesn't appear there are any requirements for adults to verify their age on Facebook Dating, reported GSM Arena. Meta has used Yoti for other age verification purposes, including vetting Instagram users who attempt to change their birthdate to make them 18 or older.
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