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Anya Taylor-Joy & Nicholas Hoult Break Down 'The Menu' Scene with Director Mark Mylod

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and 'The Menu' director Mark Mylod break down a tense dining scene in their new film.

Director: Adam Lance Garcia
Director of Photography: Bradley Wickham
Editor: Jordan Calig
Celebrity Talent: Mark Mylod, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult
Producer: Madison Coffey
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Production Manager: Jamal Covin
Production Coordinator: Mark Bond
Production Assistant: Lea Donenberg
Talent Booker: Lauren Mendoza
Camera Operator: Alfonso
Audio: Lily van Leeuwen
Post Production Supervisor: Nicholas Ascanio
Post Production Coordinator: Andrea Farr
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