2 months ago

Daughter's 'fake scholarship' prank leaves mom in splits

The reaction of these parents to hearing their daughter lie through her teeth, is as hilarious as hilarious can be.

Emanating from Durban, South Africa, this comical clip shows Reann Moodley doing the "fake scholarship" prank in front of her parents, to see how they'd react.

Reann begins to record herself and tell how organized she is in her daily life. While her dad tries to maintain a straight face, her mom can't help but burst into laughter after every "lie."

"I watched a video of a lady doing a similar video to mine, so I decided to make up my own idea and add a twist to it," the filmer said. "The video is a prank on my parents, trying to see if they would lie for me in order to get a bursary. Well, they failed!"

Location: Durban, South Africa
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