6 months ago

GFUEL Tropical Rain Unboxing & Taste Test

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Mike Kent (www.Twitter.com/DexertoMike) opens up his new Tropical Rain GFUEL package, complete with shaker and blacked out hat (both sold separately).

Head over to www.GFUEL.com for this delicious new flavour!

About -

G FUEL is an All-Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Gamma Labs. Our original purpose was to formulate a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded canned Energy Drinks. We wanted an Energy Drink that could FUEL the active and hectic lifestyle's that many of us choose to live. That is why G FUEL provides you with an immediate increase in Energy, Focus, and Endurance without the use of toxic chemicals and additives that a majority of our competitors use. G FUEL is perfect for those moments you need an edge over the competition, before a long gaming session or sports practice, when you're at the office, during an intense workout, or whenever you need a boost.

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