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The Election of President John F. Kennedy_ William Branham's 1933 Prophecies

In 1955, William Branham introduced a claim into his stage persona’s alleged “1933 prophecies” that he predicted that a female would become president of the United States. To this day, leaders in Branham’s cult of personality claim that it will come to pass according to Branham’s prediction and get very excited when women are elected into high-ranking positions, such as Vice President Kamala Harris.

A few days after President John F. Kennedy was elected, Branham introduced another claim for his “1933 prophecies”: The woman’s vote. He claimed not only that he had predicted women would be given the right to vote but that in doing so, they would elect the wrong … man … as president and that man would empower a “female church,” specifically the Catholic Church. After introducing this new claim, and until the death of President Kennedy, Branham claimed that his “female president” prophecy had been fulfilled.

White supremacists were in strong opposition to President Kennedy, and there were various protests and political campaigns against Kennedy leading up to his election and after he became President. Branham joined the white supremacists in the propaganda, much of which was largely untrue. Such is the case of the newly added “prophecy” of the woman’s vote.

President Kennedy was elected by the Electoral College of the United States, not the popular vote. Branham’s claim was not only added to his stage persona in late 1960, but it was also incorrect. According to the Gallup Poll, more women voted against President Kennedy than voted for him.

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