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How Zeek Went From Outcast To VALORANT Champion In 6 Months | Esports Stories

Zeek’s Redemption: G2 Outcast to VALORANT Champion | Esports Stories. VALORANT star Zeek thought he had it all after he joined G2 Esports. With mixwell, PaTiTek, ardiis and Pyth, they looked set to dominate VCT after a Red Bull Home Grounds win over ScreaM & Team Liquid.

But it all went wrong, but together with cNed, kiles, Starxo & BONECOLD, zeek & Acend became the best team in VALORANT, winning the first VALORANT Champions. In this documentary, zeek tells Dexerto how he overcame everything to become the best VALORANT player in the world.

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Aleksander "zeek" Zygmunt
Presenter: James Sellers
Editor: Ryan Foster
Clip sourcing: Harry Copley
Writer/producer: Luke Edwards

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