William Branham Explains His 1933 Prophecy of the Female President

  • 2 years ago
William Branham was very certain that he had seen a vision of a female president ruling the United States shortly before the End of Days. He was just uncertain whether this "female" was actually "female", whether he had seen the vision correctly, the date of the vision, or other unforgettable details.

When he saw President Kennedy elected as President, however, everything became very clear. Branham was certain that United States President John F. Kennedy was the fulfillment of his 1933 prophecies and that the world was soon to end. ... until it didn't.

During the process of this prophecy failing, it was changed significantly. Why do leaders in William Branham's cult of personality continue to proclaim the original version of this "prophecy", and disagree with William Branham that it had been fulfilled in the early 1960s?

John F. Kennedy:

Female President Prophecy: