'We're not going away. We're not going to stop': Alex Jones vows to CONTINUE 'questioning' school shootings after bombshell $1B verdict over his Sandy Hook lies - the highest defamation payout EVER
  • 2 years ago
Jurors in Alex Jones' defamation suit have ordered him to pay nearly a billion dollars to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Despite the massive sum, however, Jones says he is 'not going away' and 'not going to stop.' The Infowars host repeatedly claimed that the 2012 massacre, which left 20 students and six teachers dead, was a 'hoax' and had been 'staged'. A six-person jury has ruled on the 17th day of the hearing that he will be liable to pay $965million to the 15 plaintiffs, which include families and a FBI agent. It is the largest defamation suit damages figure in US history, surpassing a 1997 case where a brokerage firm sued the Wall Street Journal and won $222.7million. In August, Jones was found liable to pay $41gKFtogHYuTLgtmff2zbx9hk7DWS8VB612gDjf1YFPsfT66jV4UFCBNJSsUKKBpwf9y4CunA1UoucxSkm8NLtmRFxDFATc amount combines the damages for defamation, slander and emotional distress, with Jones ordered to pay a huge sum to the parents of Jesse Heslin who died in the attack. This trial took place in Waterbury, Connecticut, just miles away from where the tragic shooting occurred in December, 2012.