4 months ago

Wild Plants You Can Eat In Case You Need to Survive in the Wild

Here are 10 wild plants you can eat.
Learn about them, how to find them, and try them now for when an emergency shall knock the door.
10. Wild Onions: Although some may or may not have flowers attached, but any plant you find that smells like onion or garlic is edible.
9. Prickly Pear Cactus: The fruit resembles pear and the pad can be eaten like a vegetable. A real life-saver if you’re in a prickly situation!
8. Plantain: The entire plant is edible and has inherent medicinal qualities as well!
7. Pine: There are over 100 different species of pine, and they are richly known for providing Vitamin A and C!
6. Lamb's Quarters: High in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium!
5. Kudzu: Known to produce beautiful purple-colored, grape-smelling blossoms and used for making wine too!
4. Dandelions: They are found everywhere and are rich in vitamin A, C, and beta-carotene!
3. Clovers: They are easy to spot anywhere and they are rich with many medicinal uses and edible too.
2. Cattails: With brown, cigar-shaped top, you can find the cattail in open wet areas as well as swamps and ditches.
1. Chickweed: Considered as a weed, it grows pretty much everywhere. The flowers, leaves and stems are used in teas or oral decoctions.