Adorable pup gives owner the most priceless 'welcome home' hug of all time

  • 2 years ago
Hiu Kwan Chung got one of the sweetest 'welcome home' hugs ever, courtesy of her adorable pup.

This heartwarming footage shows Hiu being greeted by her dog at the airport following her return from a trip.

The pup keeps shimmying in excitement as he hugs his hooman after being away from her for several days.

"I went away for a while and didn't see my dog for quite some time," the filmer commented. "We almost never spend time apart. When I arrived at the airport, he picked me up at the arrival spot.

"That reunion was amazing. When he saw me, he cried and jumped and couldn't hold his excitement!"

This amusing clip was filmed back in May 2021.

Location: Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
WooGlobe Ref : WGA739486
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