4 months ago

Inside Spaces: A Luxury Tour of Alpha Suites Penthouse in Makati

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a night in a five-star penthouse in Makati? Allow us to be your eyes and ears with this tour of The Alpha Suites’ Signature Penthouse. While not the island resort of Balesin, this luxurious suite indulges one in all the glamor of a city getaway.

Pop your ears as you fly up the elevator to the 50th floor and behold the beauty of a panoramic view of Makati City. We’ll show you there’s nothing quite like hearing the buzzes and whirrs of a fully automated suite, including remote-controlled shades, a 40-inch television that can be tucked behind a cabinet, and high-end kitchen appliances. Oh, and the main attraction: a whirlpool tub. Don’t drown out the noise.

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