'I never beat Alex. I don't understand why she said these things about me': Alex Scott's father hits back at her claims he 'bullied and abused' her as he insists he 'was strict but never violent'

  • 2 years ago
The BBC football pundit (left; and inset as a child with her mother and brother, Ronnie) describes her father Tony Scott (right) as a 'controlling violent drunk' who was 'stupidly cruel' and that she and her brother would frequently hear him beating their mother - with one incident so violent that she believed that she had died. On one occasion she recalled how he beat them and made them throw their toys away insisting that life under him has left her so traumatised that to this day she is unable to hug her mother Carol or brother Ronnie. But speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mr Scott, 63 vehemently denied the allegations protesting that he could not understand why Alex is portraying him in this way.