6 months ago

Military daughter 'goes to the ends of the earth' to make it to her mom's birthday

Looking for a reason to smile today? Then, this clip is the one to watch.

Shared by Maysaa Ouza, this soul-stirring video shows Maysaa Ouza sneaking up on her mom, who had no idea her daughter was in town, on her birthday.

"Sometimes, it is difficult to celebrate birthdays or holidays with family, especially if you are serving in the military," Maysaa said. "I was traveling for work on my mom’s birthday, but my work trip ended early, which allowed me to travel back home to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her."

The journey back home was anything but easy for the filmer. She had to fly from NJ to OH and then drive 3.5 hours from Ohio to Michigan. And it was all worth the effort as it made the mom's day and gave her yet another reason to be grateful.

"I’d go to the ends of the earth for my mom," she added.

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