Public Gather Outside Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle Balmoral to Mourn Passing of Beloved Monarch

  • 2 years ago
Crowds have been gathering outside Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral after the Queen's death was announced.

Mourners began to gather at Buckingham Palace around 5 p.m. when concerns about the monarch's health began to rise and grew after the sad news of her death emerged.

The flag at the palace was lowered to half-staff at 6:30 p.m. when the news was announced.

When the news of Queen's death was announced, many of the hundreds of people gathered outside the gates began to cry.

As night fell, there was a sea of ​​people outside Buckingham Palace as the Queen's loyal public gathered to pay their respects.

A crowd also began to grow outside Windsor Castle, where a Union flag flying from one of the towers had been lowered to half-staff.

Mourners also converged on Balmoral, where Her Majesty died surrounded by members of the Royal Family.

John Loughrey, 67, wept outside Buckingham Palace as he said he "can't believe" the news and paid tribute to the "inspiring" Queen whose "duty always came first".

"I met the Queen twice. I gave her flowers. I can't believe it," he said.

"She was inspiring. She did her duty: her duty always came first, her family after her.

"She went downhill after the Duke of Edinburgh died. God save the queen."

Loughrey said he would camp near the palace for 10 days as a show of respect for the Queen before lighting a candle for her in Westminster Abbey.

Sheila De Bellaigue, 77 from London, voiced the opinion of many gathered at the Palace.

"I feel very sad because everyone is here. She has been a wonderful Queen and she will be sorely missed."

Michael Hammond learned the news when he saw the Union flag being lowered to half-staff.

"I am absolutely crushed. I thought she embodied the British spirit," said the 23-year-old from Southampton.

Floral tributes have begun to be placed outside Windsor Castle to mourn the Queen.

The crowds outside were so large that staff members returning to the castle struggled to get through the main entrance.

Royal fans and mourners can pay their respects to the late Queen while she is in the Palace of Westminster for three days.

The Queen's body is expected to arrive in London by royal train after she passes away peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 2022.

In a somber statement, Buckingham Palace today confirmed that Her Majesty Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in British history, had passed away, making her son, Charles, King.

Her passing comes after King Charles and Prince William rushed to the queen's side after doctors confirmed they were "concerned" about her health.

The UK was immediately plunged into a state of mourning, with plans for her funeral and a national day of remembrance to be announced in the coming days.

Carlos, who will now be known as King Carlos III, made a somber statement as he led the nation in mourning tonight.

The new King said: “The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty her Queen, is a moment of the greatest