Supporters of Animal Rebellion shut down two dairy distribution centres

  • 2 years ago
An animal campaign group have drilled into milk truck tyres today (8 Sep). In their fifth successive day of "nonviolent civil resistance", supporters of Animal Rebellion say they have trespassed into Müller’s Droitwich and Arla’s Hatfield facilities. The group drilled into, and cut pressure valves off, the tyres of the vehicles to immobilise them, before climbing onto trucks and loading bays to occupy the facility. The group says the action comes after further silence from Prime Minister Liz Truss and DEFRA Secretary Ranil Jayawardena on the group’s calls for negotiation over their demands to support farmers in transition to a plant-based food system to combat the climate and ecological crises. The group announced: "At 08:00 7/9/22 a group of 30 people entered the Müller facility in Droitwich, whilst others succeeded in gluing onto the entry gates and blocking the entrance to the site. The site is estimated to process 800 million litres of fresh milk yearly, making it the largest site of its kind in the Midlands. "Then, at 10:00, a group of 20 individuals entered Arla Hatfield, breaking a high court injunction. They drilled into, and cut pressure valves off, the tyres of milk trucks to immobilise them, before climbing onto trucks and loading bays to occupy the facility. This comes the day after Animal Rebellion supporters sprayed the base of Big Ben with fake milk, in a bid to force Liz Truss and Ranil Jayawardena to progress towards their demands." A statement by Animal Rebellion alleged that one group was "assaulted by security". Steve Bone, a father and photographer from Thorpe-le-Soken, who joined the action at Arla Hatfield, said: "Liz Truss and Ranil Jayawardena have a legal and moral duty to every single person in this country to lead us out of the cost-of-living, climate, and ecological crises. Immediately committing to no-nonsense policies that support farmers to transition into a plant-based future would give instant progress toward food security and self-sufficiency, whilst also restoring beautiful British nature and drawing down greenhouse gasses from our overloaded atmosphere- all in one act. “I have so much love and compassion for all life on Earth, which has led to me taking these actions. I have a little girl at home; I don’t want her to have to go to a zoo to see an otter or an aquarium to see fish. All around us the natural world is collapsing and the least responsible are paying the highest price. Transitioning into a plant-based future is the key solution to our climate and ecological crisis. We need Government action now.” Animal Rebellion has claimed that its supporters will continue to take peaceful direct action until progress toward their demands is met by the Government. On Wednesday they sprayed a white substance onto a Parliament wall ahead of new Prime Minister Liz Truss’ first PMQs.