Who did not give permission to nutan to play Anarkali role in mughle azam ?

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Who did not give permission to nutan to play Anarkali role in mughle azam ?
bout 'Nutan Samarth Behl', the sound actor of 70mm silver.
Soluta and better setting device fit fit bull, in fits, in correction in such technology, glory is from the pitch of the heart. In All, among the beautiful and leading actresses and actresses of the history of Hindi cinema, stood out from all these heroines with their slyness and lively classical style of simplicity. Nutan's definition of female-heroism was never tied to a particular image.Let the desires of the heart be robbed..'
'You are my temple, you are the deity..'
Ban Ke Birds Gaye Pyaar Ka Tarana..'
Ni baliye rut hai bahar ki ..'
Dil diya hai jaan bhi dega gega'.Nutan, the epitome of gentleness, in her golden acting journey spanning four decades, has given more than one success to the history of the silver screen. Growing up in a cinematic environment, Nutan was attracted to music since childhood and wanted to become a singer. For which he started taking classical music lessons at a very young age. But luck did not approve of this and Nutan did it at the young age of just 9 years.Be it the traditional woman standing at the altar of ideals or the modern woman standing on the edge of boldness, star actress Nutan proved with her acting that she doesn't mind doing bold cinematic characters, both traditional and modern. This was the reason that in Nutan's nine consecutive films in 1958, Nutan appeared in both roles. Contrary to his traditional image, Nutan stunned the audience, critics and film personalities on a golden screen in a swimsuit in 1958's 'Thug of Dilli'.When the success of Nutan's films was shining like a shining rainbow and in the market of discussions, his name was being associated with Shammi Kapoor, the prince of the Kapoor family. Not only this, Rajendra Kumar, the big star of that era, went to meet Marrying Wing Commander Rajneesh Behl on 11 October 1959, the film got separated from the world.
But Wing Commander Rajneesh Behl was a settled man. He advised Nutan to resume his cinematic career again. Nutan agreed and returned Nutan chose legendary classical director Vimal Rai as his mentor and godfather and this election proved to be a milestone in the golden history of the silver screen.Star heroine Nutan, who returned after marriage, wrote a golden chapter in the history of the silver screen in the sixties. For Nutan's golden chapter of success, it would be enough to say that, for Nutan of that era, equal roles of heroes were written for him.
In this period, Nutan, a natural talent-rich actress, had created a flurry of classical superhit films year after year in the history of Hindi cinema.
in 1960
Another family dispute was also associated with Nutan in this unsuccessful phase. The outline of which was deeply pierced in Nutan's mind and Nutan had dragged her mother, Shobhana Samarth, to the court on charges of financial irregularities. Due to which his family relation