3 months ago

'Frenchie having a hard time keeping her excitement in check while meeting her new pal '

There was no holding back this French Bulldog's excitement when she met her smol pal for the first time. This video shows said interaction.

The endearing footage kicks off with Mike Besters carrying his new puppy's bed (with the pup inside) as his other pet doggo keeps following him out of curiosity and excitement.

The moment Mike puts the puppy bed on the floor, the Frenchie finally gets an up-close look at her new partner in crime.

The immensely-welcoming dog keeps circling the newest addition to her family, and remains gentle with it all the way through.

Here's hoping these two become the best of friends as time goes by.

Name: Wendy Besters-Verbaarschot
Location: Helmond, the Netherlands
WooGlobe Ref : WGA690125
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