2 months ago

From Clown To Goth - You Won't Believe It | TRANSFORMED

CLOVER, 27, from California, has a style that stands out from the crowd - she's a Disco Clown. Over the past year, Clover fell in love with everything clown-related after she attended a festival dressed as a clown with her partner for fun. Despite some initial hesitation, they went to the festival and everything changed. Clover was obsessed with the look, the lifestyle and 'Clover the Disco Clown' was born. Clover wants to show the world that clowns aren't scary, but not everyone in her local area agrees... She told Truly: "There are some people that think I'm scary just because they don't like clowns, but I'm not scary and usually when people get to know me, they're not afraid of me anymore. I break down their fear of clowns." Today, Clover is going to surprise her boyfriend Kambel and best friend Ayriel, as she will be taken back to her roots as she transforms into a Goth. Will Clover's gothic makeover be too much for her fellow clowns? Or will they love her new look?

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