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Nicco Park kolkata _ west bengal First Amusement Park Nicco Park Kolkata tour 2022_ #natureraider

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Nicco Park kolkata | west bengal First Amusement Park Nicco Park Kolkata tour 2022
Nicco Park opened on 13 October 1991[2] and has since been referred to as the DISNEYLAND

NICCO PARK is an amusement park located in Jheel Meel, Sector - IV of , WEST BENGAL, INDIA
. The park was created to attract tourists to the state by providing family-friendly recreation as well as educative entertainment.
Presently, the 40 acre park is home to over 35 different attractions. They set up the company Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd.
Nicco Park has approximately thirty-five rides that include the Toy Train, Tilt-a-Whirl, Striking Cars, Paddle Boat, Water Chute, Water Coaster, Flying Saucer, Pirate Ship, River Caves, Cyclone and Moonraker.[12] The Giant Cyclone, added in 2003, is among Asia's largest. The ride 750 meters in length, has seven drops and goes as high as 55 feet. Attractions such as the park's cable cars and Eiffel towr The park also has a 4-D movie theater. new ride called Sky Diver which has been attracting tourist.
Main Park Opens at10:30 AMRide Starts at10:45 AMRide Ticket Booth opens at10:45 AMFood Park Opens at11:00 AMEntry to Main Park Closes at6:30 PMRide Closes at7:30 PMFood Park Closes at8:00 PM.Wet-o-world 10.30am to 6.00pm onwards then close.
Weto world 7 to 8 ride all rides free. Park last entery time 4pmalso online ticket booking is availabel
Ticket price available in nicco park online page.
Main park only enter fee rs 180.
Package ticket rs510-710.its may be change as per niccopark authority instraction
Once you visit Kolkata, you must visit nicco park.
There are more than 38 Ride available in this park.
Nicco Park Ticket Price -
Rs. 300.00 per head (Includes 13 Specified Rides & Attractions in the Main Park – Toy Train, Family Carousal, Mirror Maze, Caterpillar, MIG21, Eiffel Tower, Merry Go Round, Water Merry Go Round, Children’s Corner, Flume Ride Children Corner, Pirate Ship, Crazy Tea Party Ride, Vortex. Shows & Games are not included in the Entry Fee.
Rs.850.00 per head (Includes all Rides & Attractions in the Main Park) + Water Park.
Bull Ride - Rs. 50.00 // Cable Car - Rs. 70.00 // Paddle Boat - Rs. 25.00 // Cruiser - Rs. 30.00
Flying Saucer - Rs. 40.00 // Game Zone Rs. 50.00
Shoot the Bhoot - Rs. 100 // Moon Raker Rs. 40.00 // River Cave Rs. 80.00 // Roller Coaster
Rs. 80.00 // Striking Car Rs. 70.00 // Sky Diver Ride Rs. 100.00 // Twist n Turn
Rs. 30.00 // Water Chute Rs. 60.00 // Water Coaster Rs. 50.00 // Lazy River // Rs. 50.00
Santa (Seasonal) // Rs. 60.00


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