10 months ago

Wrong Injection Lagne Se Hath Or Paon Latak Jaye Tu Kaise Theek Kiya Jaye?Janiye Dr Saleem Bashir Se

Latrogenic injuries due to intramuscular (IM) injection, although less frequently reported than before, are still common. The sciatic nerve is the most commonly injured nerve because of an IM injection owing to its large size and the buttock being a common injection site. Another nerve called radial nerve locates very superficially in the middle third of the lateral aspect of the arm. Therefore, an intramuscular injection into this site could result in damaging the nerve. This condition is called “wrist drop” or “finger drop”. Dr Muhmmad Saleem Bashir, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, has illustrated the reasons and symptoms of nerve damage due to intramuscular injection in this UrduPoint video. How these injuries can be avoided, let us know in this video .

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