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AVENGERS 5 ANNIHILATION Vs. X-MEN - Teaser Trailer Marvel Studios & Disney+

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Watch The Teaser Trailer Concept For AVENGERS 5: ANNIHILATION Vs. X-MEN (More Info About This VidThe inspiration behind this video:

One of the most famous battles in Marvel Comics' history is undoubtedly Avengers versus X-Men; those two teams are the pinnacle of superhero excellence in the Marvel Universe, each with their own incredibly powerful members and both sides fighting for what they believe is right. While the main spectacle was utterly epic in the 2012 miniseries, that wasn’t actually the first time the X-Men and the Avengers ever broke out into battle as their first fight happened decades before their most famous one.

In the twelve-part miniseries Avengers vs X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, Matt Fraction, and John Romita Jr., the Avengers are alerted to the fact that the Phoenix Force is on its way to Earth, and they have reason to believe it will inhabit the mutant Hope Summers. Hoping to avoid a potential disaster, Captain America confronts the X-Men and tries to convince Cyclops to allow Hope into Avengers custody. When Cyclops refuses, Captain America tells him that if he won’t give them Hope, the Avengers will take her by force. This interaction sparks the all-out war between the Avengers and the X-Men and marks the beginning of a truly iconic story.

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